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2017 National Champions, Carolina was Experienced Talent

2017, the year experience, chemistry and redemption fueled a championship.

Today Coach Roy Williams has multiple reasons to celebrate; it's the day he's won numerous championships, 2005, 2009, and 2017. The roller coaster ride that is Carolina Basketball has been bottled up on one day. Each tournament represents a different team and coach; it's crazy to think about, but the growth between those years is exceptional.

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."

Which would you rather have, talent or experience? That's the question Williams answered after the 2017 National Championship. Most of you know, Carolina isn't exactly the top destination for one and done kids; in Williwmas 17 year tenure, he's only had five. That five can be a testament of developing kids who weren't high on the recruiting circuit or their willingness to compete for Carolina. Either way, Williams understands that talent is essential to any team, but sometimes the experience can take the edge.

"With us getting all the way to the national championship game last year, and then some guys on here playing with each other for three years. I think that's better than having a new guy come in each and every year, and guys leaving. Because you just don't build that chemistry like you would with guys that have been together three or four years. Because every coach wants talent. You can't have talent, you'd like experience. But what you'd like to have is experienced talent. But everybody's going to take talent."

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What was your favorite moment during the 2017 Championship run?