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Visual Podcast: Family vs. Brotherhood: The Loyalty for Carolina

When Jalen Johnson opted out of the remaining season for Duke, former UNC standout Cole Anthony tweeted one word, "loyalty." Is opting out quitting?

Welcome to Season 4:Episode 5 of 'The Player And The Fan' featuring David Noel III and Quierra Luck. They are excited to bring you an official podcast highlighting equally important sporting elements, the player and the fan. They will declare their viewpoints weekly, featuring various sporting topics and games around the ACC, specifically North Carolina Tar Heels.

As we try and navigate our way through elections, racial injustice, and political division, the duo hopes to provide you with a short escape full of laughs, David's dramatic storytelling, and of course, analysis of college and professional basketball.

In the fifth episode, David and Quierra discuss a difficult yet needed conversation concerning UNC Basketball members' viral video partying without masks during a pandemic. The video caused a divisive conversation between fans about the party's seriousness, players' responsibility, and kids being kids. The discussion led healthily in recognizing that while kids need the opportunity of a college experience, especially after a Duke win, the seriousness of a pandemic has to outweigh instant gratification.

Quierra brings up an essential point to David, which in turn seemed to be the joke of the week, the NCAA should have been accountable to the student-athletes they are responsible for and protect, should've been more proactive in providing testing to schools. Understandably, the cost would've been outrageous, but when your job depends on college students, wouldn't it be best to do what is necessary to protect that "investment"?

The hot topic of the week, does Duke's Jalen Johnson opt out of the season make him a quitter?

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