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Live Blog: Episode Nine, 'The Last Dance'

Follow along with us as we watch ESPN's 30 for 30: 'The Last Dance' and blog in real time!

If you are just as excited as we are to watch 'The Last Dance," check in with us as we document in real-time, fan reaction and excitement as the series continues with part nine and ten tonight!

This will be part nine; we previously blogged on a separate page for part five. Please comment along with us!

  • Bulls vs. Pacers or Miller vs. Jordan
    • "I didn't fear him like everyone else. We had to lock horns quite a but" -Reggie Miller.
    • "He (Jordan) was one of the best trash talkers in our game" -Miller.
    • "Don't ever talk trash to Black Jesus" -Miller after talking trash to Jordan.
    • "It became personal with me" -Jordan on facing the Pacers.
    • People underestimate how dope of a shooter Steve Kerr was
    • Reggie Miller was deadly in his prime. Shooting over Jordan needs to be on a poster in his living room.
    • Pacers vs. the Bulls in the late '90s is almost mirroring the Pistons vs. Bulls. Hard-fought battles, literally.
    • I got chills watching Miller take that shot over Jordan to win Game 4 and tie it up to take it back to Chicago.
    • Jordan's shot ringing back out is still crazy.
      • "You still gotta come through Chicago" -Jordan
  • Bulls vs. Utah
    • What was Michael Jordan's motivation for the 1997 finals?
      • "Karl Malone winning MVP" -Jordan
    • Byron Russell was on Jordan's list because he said he could guard him lol
      • Jordan is relentless. He's like the evildoer you never want to face in the final level
    • It wasn't the "Flu game" it was food poisoning
      • Pizza got him sick the night before Game 5
      • He played a remarkable game to be sick. Brought the Bulls back from a deficit, all because he wanted to win and didn't want to let his team down.
    • In 44 minutes, Jordan had 38 points.... sick as a dog!
    • "He'd shown that no matter how sick he was, he's still the best player in the world" -Pippen.
  • Role players
    • Steve Kerr showed what it meant to be a team player. He knew his role and played it well.
    • Growing up, Steve Kerr's love for basketball grew with his father.
    • Kerr's dad was murdered in Beirut as he was the president of AUB.
    • An incredibly difficult story to hear and even worse to see him discuss it. Kerr's visible emotion breaks your heart.
    • Watching Jordan rely on Kerr made my heart happy. An incredible and well deserved moment.
  • Jordan's security
    • Gus was essential to Jordan
      • You can tell he was a father figure for Jordan. Whenever Jordan would call, he (Gus) was there.
      • "He was a protector" -Jordan.
      • Jordan was there when Gus was diagnosed with Lung cancer.
      • "He was an inspiration for me. I wanted to win this game for Gus." -Jordan on Game 7 against the Pacers
  • Game 7, Indiana won't Go Away
    • Indiana gave them hell.
    • Steve Kerr ties the game with six minutes left, 76-76
      • "That's when it went downhill for us. That shot changed the game" -Miller
      • "We were like the 9th grade JV team that had no shot" -Jalen Rose.
      • The first time the Bulls faced a Game 7
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