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Roy Williams Reacts To UNC Fanbase Winning Fox Sports Fan Bracket

If UNC can't raise a banner in the Dean Dome for winning the NCCA Tournament, why not win a billboard proclaiming to have the best fanbase in college basketball?

Out of 68 teams, there can only be one, and the Tar Heels did it again... kind of. 

Through April, Fox Sports started "The Ultimate Fanbase Bracket" that involved some of the NCAA's most notorious fans, Duke, Michigan, Kansas, Ohio State, and of course, UNC. The bracket started with 68 teams and allowed fans to vote for their favorite team by their bracket; UNC was a #1 seed along with Duke (who lost to Lehigh in the first round), Indiana, and Kansas. 

The winning team would receive the ultimate prize, bragging rights but not just any bragging rights, how about a billboard in your rival team city displaying that you have the best fanbase? And yes, since Carolina won, there will be a billboard placed in Durham, North Carolina, for Duke fans to see that the best fanbase in college basketball is in Chapel Hill. If there cant be an NCAA Tournament, this was the next best thing, and Carolina fans won.

For the title, UNC faced BYU (Brigham Young University) in the final match; it was a close one. In the last two hours of voting, UNC pulled out a win; they were down 46% to 52%. Overall, Carolina received 205,605 votes during the duration of the tournament. 

Players such as Sean May, Vince Carter, Rick Fox, and Coby White were locked in on social media until the last vote. In celebration of the win, Harrison Barnes made a video congratulating Tar Heels fans.

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But as you know, Roy Williams doesn't engage too much on twitter. He doesn't even know if it's called "twit or tweet" so knowing about a fan voting on social media is way beyond his understanding. 

"Well, I voted 7,000 times myself (chuckles), no I did not know that. I may have to use that in recruiting. "

One more thing, in addition to receiving a billboard, Carolina will be awarded a trophy from Fox College Sports. No word where this will be placed, but ideally this goes in the Carolina basketball museum. 

This one is for you and by you, the fan.