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UNC Starts the Season with a Win Over Loyola, 83-67

For his first game of the season, newly appointed head coach Hubert Davis gets his first victory.

Chapel Hill, N.C. - History was at the forefront of every person watching tonight's game, but for Hubert Davis it was another night on the bench. But the first win of the season was a stamp for Davis and a nod to Coach Roy Williams. 

Sophomore Caleb Love made it known that the kid you saw last season no longer exists. The Tar Heels' captain finished the night with a game-high of 22 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists with zero turnovers. Love went 7 for 13 FG and 2-6 behind the arc. This is the third time in his Carolina career to score over twenty points. 

His freshmen year didn't reflect his true talent. He wasn't about to let it happen twice.

"It was just me growing up. I matured over this past offseason and fall from what I went through last year. It was the hardest thing I ever went through as far as playing basketball"

The hype for transfer Brady Manek was solid in this first game in Carolina Blue. Manek finished the game with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 1 steal. The Oklahoma native shot 9-15 FG and 1-3 from the three, which opened the Heels lead over the Greyhounds in the opening seconds. Manek's comfortably comes from the trust of his teammates and the once in a lifetime opportunity to play under Davis. 

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"To play for Coach Davis is first year, it's special, and it simply proves me that I am good enough. I am a good basketball player, and my teammates push me every day, and they are great guys."

The Tar Heels finished with four players in double digits, Caleb Love, 22, Brady Manek, 20, Dawson Garcia, 12 and Kerwin Walton, 11. As a unit, Carolina went 29-55 from the floor, 8-21 at the three, but only 17-28 from the free-throw line. But the best stat of the night, compared to the previous season, only 12 turnovers were committed during the game.

Loyola Maryland finished with multiple players finish in double digits. Jaylin Andrews led with 17 points, followed by Veljko Llic, 12 and Kenneth Jones, 11.  

Coach Davis doesn't want the spotlight, he wants a banner. But there was a moment that brought him to witness his family as he stepped back in the tunnel. The same family that has been there since day one. 

"It was emotional after the game, noticing my family, my dad, my sister... essentially the people who have been present my entire life."

UNC readies to meet Brown at the Dean Dome on Friday, November 12 at 9 p.m.