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Live Blog: Part Four, 'The Last Dance'

Follow along with us as we watch ESPN's 30 for 30: 'The Last Dance' and blog in real time!

If you are just as excited as we are to watch 'The Last Dance" check in with us as we document in real time, fan reaction and excitement as the series continues with part three and four tonight!

This will be part four; we will continue the blog on a separate page for part four. Please comment along with us!

  • Dennis Rodman came back after 48 hours after Michael Jordan went and got him in Vegas
  • "He needed to get away but he was always on point" -Jordan
  • Episode four is dedicated to Phil Jackson
    • Jackson won two championships in his 11 years with the Knicks
    • Phil Jackson coached in Puerto Rico and it led him to coaching Albany, New York in 1983.
    • Jackson was hired in 1987 as the Bulls assistant coach. One year later, he was hired as the head coach.
  • Tex Winter instituted the Triangle Offense
  • Pippen developed as a "point forward" the triangle offense afforded him the opportunity to blossom
  • By the 1990 playoffs, we think we are ready to beat the Pistons.
    • Scottie migraine game: Game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals
      • Woke up sick, blind and furious migraine. 
      • He couldn't focus; couldn't get his eyesight 
    • Before the Pistons, Jordan didnt weight train; Pistons changed that
    • Pippen and Jordan bonded because they knew they could count on each other
  • 1991 Eastern Conference finals verses the Pistons...
    • Completely different Bulls team...
    • Bulls went 3-0
    • When Pippen didn't respond to that abuse, there was nothing they could do. 
      • "We wanted to kick their a** and put them out of their misery"
      • "Their time had arrived and ours was over" -Isiah Thomas
      • Piston just walked off after being swept by the Bulls
      • "Well I know it's all BS. Whatever he's saying now it's a reflection of the public. You cant convince me he's not an a**hole" -Jordan on Thomas
    • Phil Jackson has coached 20 years and never had a losing season.
  • Air vs Magic in national championship, 1991
    • The Bulls first time in the championship; facing an 11x  national champion, Lakers.
    • Jordan plays lights on game 2
    • Pippen took Magic Johnson apart
    • They gonna on a three game run; 3-1 Bulls.  
    • Game 5 in LA...
      • Fourth quarter they're tied at 80. 
      • Once Paxson hit the first few shots, Jordan realizes the team aspect.
      • Chicago wins their first championship in LA.
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  • "He was so happy he won and busted through." -Magic Johnson 
  • "I was finally in the category with Magic Johnson and and Larry Bird" -Jordan
  • "If Phil Jackson isn't coaching the Bulls, Im leaving" -Jordan
    • Jerry Krause released to the media that Phil Jackson wasn't returning and noted that if Jordan wanted to leave he could. 

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