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Roy Williams: Caleb Love Could Be One of the Best Defensive Guards I've Ever Coached

Freshman also starting to come around on offense
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UNC freshman Caleb Love has struggled with his shot this season, but he broke out against Wake Forest, scoring a career-best 20 points.

Roy Williams believes Love helps the team, even when his shots aren’t falling.

“Defensively, I think he could be one of the best defensive guards I've ever coached,” he said. “Playing his position, he has strength, he has speed, he has jumping ability, he has great feet. Most of the time when you get a freshman that doesn't mean that much to him but it's meaning more and more to Caleb all the time.”

On offense, Love is showing signs of having things click.

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“You look and you say three assists and three turnovers, you want it to be better than that but two of those (turnovers) came really early,” Williams said. “But I like the fact that he took some jump shots with confidence—7-for-12 tonight, that's by far I think the best game he's had from the floor. I do think he's getting better, I told you yesterday or the day before, we had a little meeting and I told him that I think he's getting better a little bit each and every day and we just got to keep getting him some opportunities.”

Williams has seen Love working to try to get his offense on track.
“He's a freshman,” he said. “Who knows what freshmen are thinking all the time? But I know that he's coming to practice every day and he's trying hard. He's getting a lot of shots up. When we do the shooting drills, Kerwin (Walton) usually beats him and the second guy on our team is either Andrew (Platek) or Caleb. So he's been shooting it well in practice. He's been really working at it, I mean you saw after one of our games, he was still here at midnight working on his shot. He's working at it and jut a tremendous young man. I hope he feels good about the way he played."


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