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Coach Williams is always careful about his words at the podium. He makes sure to choose his words carefully and aligns with his "team first" mentality but after losing six games straight, the most under Coach Williams era, it seems that frustrations have gotten the best of him and he cursed while explaining that "you have to compete"

While an apology immediately came after, most fans reactions have been understanding. In 4 of their last 6 games, UNC has lost by no more than 3 points; most of those coming in the last few seconds remaining in regulation with Duke being the only OT loss. 

Outside of his slip up, Coach Williams drove home the notion that the kids HAVE TO COMPETE. They can cry all they want but Louisville is up next and there's no time to agonize on what happened against Notre Dame.

"We're not feeling like we're getting a lot accomplished right now, but the bottom line is we played Notre Dame tonight and the bottom line after that is we're going to play Louisville on Saturday and see if we can show up and play again."

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UNC falls to 3-12 in the ACC. Going up against no. 2 Louisville will be no easy feat but if they can give Duke a run for their money, UNC can do the unthinkable and pull the upset.