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Roy and Wanda Williams Funds Spring Scholarships

The donation will fund scholarships of spring sports seniors whose seasons were cut short due to COVID-19
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Coach Roy Williams reach goes beyond a basketball court; his placement at North Carolina goes beyond being a basketball coach.

It was announced early Thursday afternoon a donation of more than $600,000 was made by Williams and his wife, Wanda. Initially, the donation was made in anonymity but the Williams' decided to let Carolina athletics break the news. 

The donation will fund scholarships of spring sports seniors whose seasons were cut short due to. COVID-19. Those scholarships will be awarded to those will be returning to North Carolina to compete in 2020-2021

Below are statements from the Rams Club as well as Athletic Director, Bubba Cunningham.

"Roy and Wanda have donated millions of dollars to UNC, the athletic department, the Rams Club and individual sport programs over the years but have always chosen to do so without fanfare or publicity," says , executive director of the Rams Club. "However, we felt this was the proper time to announce our appreciation for all they have done to support their alma mater's academic and athletic pursuits and student-athletes across all 28 of our sports programs, and thank them for an extraordinarily generous contribution to allow our seniors another opportunity at competing in the spring."


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"Student-athletes have begun to come back to campus for voluntary and now team workouts, so it's an appropriate time for us to announce that our spring sport seniors will also be able to return for another year thanks to Roy's and Wanda's generosity," says UNC Director of Athletics . "Only a handful of people at the University knew what Roy and Wanda had done to support our students. He called me in March the day the NCAA canceled all spring championships. He didn't want those students to miss that experience and wanted to fund those scholarships for next year. I still get chills when I think about his phone call and the impact it would have for dozens of our students."

The Williams' generosity showcases the reach is far beyond sports. The call to step up doesn't have to be grand or made for recognition, when you're doing something from the heart for the betterment of those around you, knowing you did the right thing is far better than any applause. 

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