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Roy Williams, "I was Walking on Air" Following Recruitment Visit with Zion Williamson

Can you imagine Zion Williamson in Carolina Blue? According to Roy Williams, he thought he had pretty good chance to score the big man.

Can you imagine Zion Williamson in Carolina Blue? According to Roy Williams, he thought he had a pretty good dadgum chance to score the big man.

Zion Williamson had one of the most prolific college basketball freshman seasons since... well, dare we say Michael Jordan? Standing at 6'6 and 275 pounds, Williamson would've dominated for any school contributing with his size and athleticism. Not only does he dominate the boards, but the big man developed confidence in his outside shooting, adding more to his game and giving him more attributes for any coach to love.

During his freshman year at Duke University, Williamson averaged 22.6 points, 1.8 blocks, 2.1 assists and 2.1 steals per game; he also shot 68% FG 34% from the three. During the UNC rivalry game at Carolina, February 20, 2019, Williamson suffered an ankle injury due to his shoes bursting open during play; he missed three weeks despite asking to come back sooner. Coach K and his family didn't want to increase his chances of further injury, therefore, taking precautions and ensuring a full recovery. 

His phenomenal career at Duke was not only memorable to fans, but also Williamson. The college experience wasn't lost on him. Before declaring for the draft, he wanted to return to Duke but was urged to take the plunge in the big leagues. 

Roy Williams recalled his time with Williamson and how he thought the chances looked desirable for a commitment. UNC was a finalist for the South Carolina native along with Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky; regardless of where the kid went, he was going to be dawned in blue. Speaking with Dan Patrick, Williams goes into detail about leaving Williamson house in full confidence and how his night went with Williamson's announcement, 

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"We worked hard, and we left his home on the last night. I'll have to admit that Hubert Davis, my assistant, and myself, we really thought this could really work out. It was hard for me to get into car because when I left the porch, I was walking on air. Couldn't get to the level to get in the car.

And the announcement was made, and it was not a good night. (chuckles)"

How different would Carolina have been with Williamson in the lineup with Cam Johnson, Coby White, Kenny Williams and Garrison Brooks?

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