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Back when I covered Appalachian State during the 2015 season, niche podcasts were just beginning to take off, and nobody did a better job of putting together a more entertaining and informative show for their fanbase than Alex Johnson and Charles Haynes with the Black and Gold Podcast.

In the years since, BGP has built a community around the podcast, even hosting a Legends Lunch and driving $34.32 donations on Sept. 1 to commemorate App State's win over Michigan.

As a proud member of the BGP Hall of Fame, I was invited back on the show this week to discuss how the Mountaineers match up with the Tar Heels, what this game means to both fanbases and offered a prediction on how things will play out on Saturday.

I recommend listening to the whole show for their takes on App State, but if you'd like to get straight to our discussion on the game, I pop on after about 1 hours, 54 minutes.

You can also find the show wherever you normally find your podcasts, like iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and Google Play.

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