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UNC Football Releases Full Video of Keenan Football Center Upgrades

UNC Football completes renovations to Keenan Football Center. The facility was renovated to provide a cool and modern feel to Carolina football.

Carolina Football finally unveiled the complete video of their new football facility. Releasing trailers for the last few weeks, UNC has released a full video on the what looks to be a highlight for any recruitment visit. 

The video above features an upgrade to the first and second floor of the Kenan Football Center; this will be the third renovation of UNC's football facilities since Mack Brown's return. UNC's senior associate athletics director, capital projects, and facilities, Rick Steinbacher, worked alongside Brown on the three-month project. Steinbacher stated that Brown wanted the center to be 'cool',

"Coach Brown was very clear, 'I want it to be cool. I want it to be modern. I want a high school student to come in and think it's warm, welcoming, and inviting.'

The video showcases the high-grade renovations of a wall display of each Jordan brand shoe, designated rooms for offense and defensive clubs, team film room, an NFL wall that highlights Tar Heels in the league, and of course, embedding the history of Carolina football in every corner.

In his second year as the head coach of Carolina football, Mack Brown, has revitalized a program and fanbase. Since his return, Brown has been able to score the second high recruiting 2021 class; toping Clemson and behind Ohio State. 

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During a press conference, Coach Jay Bateman spoke on the necessity to compete with kids in more ways than just on the field,

"That worked for Coach Brown; he has a pretty good plan. When he got here, he realized that's apart of recruiting; it is, you need to have nice things. I think him, Jeremy, and Becca, people who work on those things for us, have all done a great job. And I think you have to thank Bubba cause someone has to pay for it. I tell my wife when she wants to redo the kitchen, "someone's gotta pay for it." So Bubba did that. I think we did a great job with what we did with the building. The indoor is awesome, I think when we get people over here, now its a pretty easy; you have a great university, and now you got great facilities. The way things are going, feel good about it."

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