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Mack Brown The Communicator

Mack Brown shares how he became a good communicator

Pop quiz time! What are the four types of communication?

You probably didn't expect a pop quiz when you clicked on this article. Well, since most fall classes haven't started yet let me give you the answer: verbal, nonverbal, written, and visual. Easy right?

The answer might be easy, but the type of communication can be hard for some people to rely upon others. I find that nonverbal and written communication are my strong suits. Others might find that verbal and visual are their bread and butter.

One thing that UNC fans can agree on is that Tar Heels football Head Coach Mack Brown excels in verbal communication. Coach Brown has been roaming the sidelines as a head coach since five high school students from different walks of life endure a Saturday detention. Now instead of listening to a rebel, princess, outcast, Brainiac, or jock Brown spent his time perfecting his communication skills. Brown knows how valuable communication is when it comes to connecting with his team on the field or in the locker room.

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“Without communication we have nothing. Communication helps you build up trust and respect…It gets everyone on the same page." - Mack Brown

Have you ever noticed anytime Coach Brown is asked a question he addresses that individual by their first name? It doesn't matter if it's a question during pre-game, post-game, his radio show, over zoom, or in person. Coach Brown refers to the interviewer's name and gives a thoughtful answer. It doesn't matter if it's a local report, national report, someone he just met or someone he's known for years. Coach Brown always gives the utmost respect when he's interviewed. Here's a little insight on why he handles interviews in this personal way.

In the past, Coach Brown talked about the need to be a great listener enhances one to be a good communicator with others. "By listening to others, you better understand their needs and you can then better communicate with them."

Coach Brown practices what he preaches with not just his team but with everyone he interacts with. Just like in The Breakfast Club, each of them had a chance to tell his or her story, making the other four seem them in a different light. That's all Coach Brown is doing and has been doing since 1985. Using his communication skills so when the season is over fans question whether UNC football will ever be the same.