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Signing Day Hype: Coach Brown, "We're Adding to The Family"

On National Signing Day, Mack Brown breaks down individual players performance, strength and contribution to North Carolina.

Amid a global pandemic, kid's dreams are still coming true. Granted, no one envisioned National Signing Day to look anything like this, but it's happening, and no one is more excited than North Carolina head coach Mack Brown.

North Carolina's recruiting class of 2021 is ranked No. 13 in the nation and No. 3 in the ACC; UNC signed 18 newcomers before 10 am this morning. Fifteen are from North Carolina. Eleven are 4-star prospects, and just one five-star, Keeshawn Silver. Since his return to Chapel Hill, Brown has been adamant about keeping North Carolina players home; it Looks like he more than succeeded.

Wednesday afternoon. Brown spoke with excitement as he previewed the 2021 recruiting class individually with video. The Heels' head coach broke down the player's game, size, and game contribution. Brown also did a Q&A. 

Below are the highlights.

Opening Statement:

As of right now, we've rated the 13th class in the country, and even more important the 18 member class that we've got is the second smallest class, meaning the number of signees in the top 15. Our guys have a 91% rating per player average on their composite ranks, which would rank us ninth in the country. When you start looking at that group, it's well-rounded because we've got all positions covered of the 18; Nine are on offense, and nine are on defense. They're from four different states. Fifteen from North Carolina, one from Virginia, one from South Carolina, and one from Tennessee. We've pretty much stayed in our footprint.

Recruiting Multiple Sports Athletes:

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It's essential for us. The more positions a guy can play, the more sports a guy can play, the better chance he has to succeed. If you pigeonhole a guy, just one position, and he can't play there, or the coach doesn't like him, or he doesn't like the coach, then he's done. But if he can play two, three different spots, then he's got a chance to make it. I've always said that I'd rather watch a guy play basketball in some ways than watch him play football to check his athletic ability because you can see him on defense.

What Excites Him the Most About this Class:

I think the thing that excites me the most is their confidence and attitude. They pick at each other, and they'll be positive; this bunch is loud now. They're making fun of each other, but they love each other. I think the confidence they come in with and their closeness is something that I've never seen in a recruiting class before.

Keeshawn Silver's Role as Leader and Recruiter:

Keeshawn was a young guy that came to a basketball game and he was being recruited by everybody in the country. And he walks over at halftime and says, "Hey, I want to commit." I was shocked; I think it was in February. And I said, "You what?!" After that, he never talked to anybody else. He was never involved with anybody else. And he said, "And coach, I'm going to be your best recruiter." And he has done that. We want kids that will love this place, be strong and stay; Keeshawn fits that bill.

Message to Recruits Regarding the Opportunity to Play:

We promised nothing, except you'll have an opportunity to play. We're going to put you out there, and we'll put you out there immediately. If you're the best player, regardless of experience or age, you're going to play; And they've seen that. I think that's where Tony Grimes sent a powerful message to them; If Tony can play as a high school senior, then they're going to give us a chance.