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WATCH: Chazz Surratt explains settling in at LB, what team meetings did for the Tar Heels and critiques his brother's big catch

Surratt led Carolina with 12 tackles in his debut at linebacker

Chazz Surratt didn't have long to be anxious about his debut at linebacker, making the first tackle of the game for the Tar Heels, stopping South Carolina receiver Bryan Edwards on a catch over the middle.

Mack Brown and defensive coordinator Jay Bateman pointed out that Surratt started out too fast, actually over-running a few plays early before he calmed down.

Watch as Surratt describes his debut at linebacker and touched on several other topics during Tuesday night's press conference.

"I just think, just settling down," he said. "I was really excited to play. As the game went on and as the game goes on, you settle yourself down mentally and you’re able to do what the coaches taught us the past few weeks."

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