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WATCH: Dorn says Tar Heels closer than ever; describes feeling at end of win over South Carolina

Dorn described how emotional meetings have built a bond

The team-meetings where the Tar Heels bared their souls to one another are already paying off.

On Monday, Mack Brown mentioned the preseason meetings in which two players and a coach or staff member stood in front of the team and told of their triumphs, failures and hardships, and on Tuesday, senior safety Myles Dorn shared exactly what those meant to him.

Watch Dorn's full press conference above for his complete explanation.

"You’re willing to do more for that person when you know them to the fullest," he said. "The only reason you’re willing to do that much for family is because you know them, you know what they’ve been through and what they stand for. When you know what the guy beside you stands for and you know he’s going to be there, then you have no question when it’s time.

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